The best kept secret in the mortgage financing world is that there are options that are available to you when your mortgage matures

Many Canadians who have mortgage approaching maturity believe that it’s a hassle. They think they will have the same closing costs and stick with the same financial institution.

The fact is that it is now easier than ever to switch and renew your mortgage at maturity

  • You can transfer your existing mortgage at the maturity/renewal dates without paying any fees
  • No legal costs
  • No appraisal fees
  • No CMHC/Genworth premiums
  • No Broker fees and best of all, you are treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve

The primary reason that you are not aware of your options is that your existing financial institution believes you will leave the decision to the last minute.

Since the renewal of your mortgage is time sensitive, renewal notices to you at the last minute giving you very little time (if any) to shop around for a better, more suitable mortgage.

In fact, 86% of Canadians with renewing mortgages fall into this trap, often staying with the existing lender for convenience sake without really weighing their options. This practice, which is quite common, ends up costing Canadians thousands of dollars in interest each year which could easily be avoided.

Our service has been designed to make it easy for you to obtain the mortgage that best suits your needs from a lender who actually wants your business and will cover the cost of acquiring it.

Each year, we help our clients save thousands of dollars by facilitating their transfer of their mortgage to a new lender AND with very little effort on your part we can do the same for you.